For women in disadvantaged communities a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. This project collects new and second hand bras and sends them wherever we have requests.
Other Uplift Project Initiatives

When an Uplift coordinator works with a recipient organization, she often hears about other needs in the community.

Sometimes, specific branches collect non-bra items on request.

Please note: This page describes current Victorian branch initiatives.

All enquiries should be directed to Uplift in Victoria:

Uplift Nurses


Many hospitals in the Pacific do not have one pair of scissors for every nurse. Our Australian hospitals use single-use disposable scissors, often packed in twin-packs with other tools. Unused scissors are recycled daily. Nurses harvest the unused items for Uplift, and now we ship them to the Solomon Islands. They will rust eventually, but do serve well.


In addition we buy and supply items that are usually in short supply. When Uplift started working with the National Referral Hospital in Honiara, outpatient clinic staff had to go into a ward to borrow a thermometer. A simple thermometer costs $1.40. We sent in 30, a small revolution for under $45.00 AUD.

Solomon Islands nurses had not seen the kit bags Australian nurses use to carry the tools they constantly use: scissors, forceps, thermometer, torch, watch and ballpoint pen.

The Australian Quilters Association are making gorgeous kit bags for Uplift to fill and supply. Uplift needs donations to buy items to fill the bags.

Download the Uplift Nurses - Kit Bag Pattern. have been hugely generous in their support of this project. We have also sent stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, pulse oximeters, an ECG machine, and the hospital's first foetal Doppler ultrasound. They would like a defibrillator. They don't have one.

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Schools Without Books


Uplift Victoria is working with librarians to harvest books from school and public libraries for schools in the Solomon Islands that often have NO books, or very few. 1,000 boxes of books were shipped in 2013, our first year, including 4 complete sets of the 2010 Encyclopædia Brittanica. Many schools received only 4 boxes of books, but 80 books in a school is better than none.

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The Primary school library pictured here had fewer than 20 books, and had received no new books for more than a decade.

Girls underpants and washable pads

Many girls across the South Pacific do not attend school during their periods. Uplift are delighted to be working with Days For Girls whose pads and kits will get a girl through 4 years of periods, work, school, sport and social functions with privacy and dignity. DFG supply kits, and Uplift ship them.If you would like to help making kits, please visit Days For Girls on Facebook.

Fiji - Bayly Welfare support provide support to the most desperate in Fijian society. Their main aim is to fill bellies, but they also provide material aid. With help from, Uplift sends newborn to teenage clothing, baby bottles, underpants, wraps and baby blankets. A big need is socks. In a population of 800,000, 500 Fijians had amputations in 2013 due to diabetes. Socks keep wound dressing in place and clean...


We have trouble getting new socks donated, but we reckon odd socks will be easy to harvest. We've all got them, and if Uplift get them all together, we will have lots of viable pairs. Post all your odd socks to Liz Baker, 9 Steven St, Hurstbridge VIC 3099. If dropping off bras at Victorian locations, throw in your odd socks too.


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