For women in disadvantaged communities a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. This project collects new and second hand bras and sends them wherever we have requests.
Contact the coordinators

If you want to drop off or post bras, please see the Donate Bras page. All addresses on the Donate Bras page are up to date, there is no need to contact anyone when donating bras (unless you have a truckload of them!).

Contact the coordinator in you region if you wish to run a bra drive, become a drop off point, become a bra recipient organisation and so on.

Victoria Ashlynn
Drop off coordinator
Gippsland Region
If you have enquiries about dropping off bras or running bra drives in the Gippsland region, or you would like to become a drop off point, please get in touch with Belynda.
Australian Capital Territory Virginia
New South Wales Anna
Northern Territory Kate
Queensland Vacant
Uplift Project needs a new QLD coordinator. Meanwhile we are pleased to be working with Support the Girls.
South Australia Liss
National Office
Corporate Enquiries
Bra Despatch

* Please do not phone the clinic to speak to Liz, as she often does not have a receptionist on duty and will have to interrupt her patient's treatment to answer.
E-mail is easiest for Liz as she can answer at any time of the night. Messages may be left at home, 03 97182883, but it may be 2 or 3 days before Liz can respond at a polite hour as she often works late.

New Zealand
South Island
Pauline Watson

NZ national coordinator based in Christchurch - collects from Ballantynes, gyms, organizations, and receives many parcels from around NZ through the post. Bras are sent to hospitals and women's groups in Fiji and to schools in Tonga. Currently working on contacts in America Samoa.

E-mail or phone Pauline on 021 121 3015 to organise drop offs.
Upper North Island
Kate Hargraves

Auckland coordinator.
Central North Island
Marie Coles

North Island coordinator based in Waikato.

Bras can be dropped of at Marie's helper's place 127 Maungakawa Road, Cambridge.
E-mail or phone Marie on 021 881 063.
Lower North Island
Andrea Berrett

Wellington coordinator.

Fiji Distribution Naomi Roberts
Naomi is the Distribution Coordinator for Fiji.
Organisations in Fiji requiring bras should contact Naomi directly.

Naomi can be contacted at

Singapore Branch Zen
Singapore coordinator
Or see us on Facebook:

Donors in Singapore, your bras will be the right sizes for Philippines women. It will be MUCH appreciated if you can post to :

Juvelyn "Juvie" Lagamon-Jomen
MinPRA (Mindanaw Poverty Relief Action)
P4 Pandan, Brgy. 25, Gingoog City
9014 Misamis Oriental
Northern Mindanao, Philippines

These ladies need size 30-34 inches or 75-85 cm

See the Donate Bras page for bra drop off locations

Putting some faces to the names...

Australia Coordinator (Founder)
Victoria Coordinator
New Zealand Coordinator
Naomi and Reki
Fiji Distribution
Tech Support Stuff

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