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Being a bra drop-off point.

Some Uplift Project regions have permanent drop off addresses. The drop off volunteers then gets the bras through our network to the state coordinator who distributes them to receiving organizations, who distribute them to women without access to bras.

If you are interested in being bra drop off point, we'd be grateful to have your help. Please read below and if interested e-mail your state coordinator, or if there isn't one, the National Coordinator. See the Contact Us page for e-mail addresses.

For a business, generally a collection box or bin is placed somewhere in the public area of your business so people dropping bras off do not have to take up your staff's time. A flyer about the project can be attached to the basket, or nearby. A lid can make the collection box look more tidy, but people do tend to assume a wheelie bin is for rubbish.

For a private address people will be asked to leave bags of bras on the front doorstep on the understanding that you will know what to do with them. A flyer about the project can be attached to your meter box or near the front door to let people know they've found the right place.

Bras are often delivered in plastic bags. Please leave them in the bags as this assists sorting. Often a bag will contain all the same size.

If you can help further by sorting the collection before delivery, please see our Sorting Instructions document.

If at all possible please plan on getting your collection to us yourself. If that won't work, please discuss possibilities with the relevant coordinator when you first make contact.


Would you like to run a bra drive/collection?

Before starting a bra drive/collection, please check out our information sheet Doing a bra collection first (PDF format).

Also before you start, please contact your state coordinator, and if you have no coordinator, please contact the National coordinator.

Uplift has a basic promotional poster available which you can use.
Click to download Uplift Project Poster/Flyer (PDF format).
Click to download Uplift Project Poster/Flyer (MS Word format).

We are happy for you to do local paper articles, and we are happy to assist with radio interviews.

The main consideration is how you will transport your collection to the nearest state coordinator for shipping. Collections cannot be left with our listed drop off addresses. In some states we have a bulk drop off system giving more options, but the delivery of your collection should be negotiated before you start collecting.

Some collectors sort their collection before dropping off, and this is much appreciated. Please see our Sorting Instructions document. Collections are best transported in robust bags, or cardboard boxes.

It helps to establish local drop off points, and supply labelled boxes for donors to drop bras into.


Guidelines for publicising the Uplift Project.

Press release material is available from the national coordinator.

Publicity rarely goes wrong, but one conversation with a Consul is enough in a lifetime, so may we ask:

If lifting material from our website:

Please do not reproduce the press articles/photos from our website without copyright permission from the authors. Someone copied The Age's photo onto her blog, and also lifted pictures from our site without checking with us.

In indigenous Fijian culture it is not acceptable to view pictures of a person who has passed away. Images will be removed from our site as necessary, we have lost one lady already.

Text read throughs.

Before anything goes to press, the national coordinator, or the relevant state coordinator if appropriate, should have a "read through", where the journalist reads the text to us, and we can request changes. This is standard journalistic practice, not an onerous request.

We will scan for inadvertent misrepresentation of:

National/large group promotion notification.

If planning any large or national promotion, please let us know. Such promotions can create a big workload for our volunteer coordinators, most of whom have full time jobs too, and if 2 or 3 hit simultaneously we can get a bit snowed under.


Photo Policy

Photos are wonderful to thank donors and to show we do what we say we do. Consent is required if photos are to be used in print/TV/internet applications. A 1 megabyte file is the minimum for print media, a bigger file allows cropping.

In donor countries:
Photos of sorting and packing events are good website and media fodder.

In recipient countries:
Modesty standards in the Pacific are more stringent than in Australia. Please no photos of women in underwear. As a photo rule of thumb, if you wouldn't appear in it on the internet, don't take it.

Suggested suitable photos include:


Uplift flyer/poster

Thumbnail image of Uplift Project flyer  

The Uplift Project flyer is available as a PDF and a Microsoft Word document.

The PDF will print with just about any printer and should be suitable in most cases.

The Word document can be adapted to suit your needs, for example, your club or association may wish list the addresses of drop off points, or for flyers intended for the notice board at work/school you might want to show the building/floor/room where the drop offs can be made.

Click to download Uplift Project Poster/Flyer (PDF format).
Click to download Uplift Project Poster/Flyer (MS Word format).


Bra Sorting Instructions

The Bra Sorting Instructions have been updated and made printer-friendly to help make your sorting day easier.

Click here or on the pictures to download a printable PDF version of the Bra Sorting Instructions

image sorting page 1 image sorting page 2 image sorting page 3
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